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Can I spot reduce?

The truth is, there is no such thing as spot reducing.

You can't just burn fat in one area, like your butt or your stomach. So thinking that if you did 1000 crunches per day will give you a that flatter stomach or much wished for six pack unfortunately is a myth. Actually, completing 1000 crunches per day may actually lead to other issues (especially if not doing the crunches correctly, or combining with other abdominal muscle exercises).

The way to decrease the fat around your stomach or butt or whatever body part you are looking for is to decrease body fat overall.

So now you are asking what's the best way to burn body fat?

Well a combination of:

High Intensity workouts - increasing your heart rate to near maximum limits with short intervals for rest.

Strength workouts - to increase lean muscle mass (no ladies, you will not get bulky if you lift weights)

Working different muscle groups regularly - balance out the areas you work, upper body, lower body, overall body workout etc. (lets not skip leg day!)

Healthy balanced diet - eating a healthy mix of Proteins, Carbs and Good Fats along with plenty of water. Reduce the alcohol intake along with processed foods and refined sugars

So don't waste your money on those contraptions that the TV is trying to sell you to turn your stomach into something a fitness model possesses. Get off the couch, put away the chips and get moving... simple

Need some help burning the fat? Contact us for a range of options to help you become a better you :)

Can I spot reduce?

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