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Pauline - Owner & Master Functional Trainer

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I have been involved in sport since I could walk. Ball sports were my passion, mainly being basketball and netball, but I also competed in tennis, calisthenics, athletics, cross country and swimming, just to name a few.


From 2005 -2016 I not only had the privilege of representing  my state but also my country in indoor netball.  I was privileged to have captained the 2014 Open Ladies World Cup side to 2 Gold Medals  in South Africa. I continue to play at club representative level within the QLD circuit, but retired from National and International competition due to running my business.


One of my other great passions is obstacle course racing. Something about running miles on end, whilst climbing walls, swimming in creeks, crawling under barb wire and dredging through mud, makes me smile.

Since 2018 I have been proud to have been on the podium several times for my age category Nationally, and internationally. 

Winning my age group at Worlds Toughest Mudder in Texas USA at the 24hour Championships just last year will always be a highlight, completing over 115klm plus 200+ obstacles in the timeframe.

It was prior to my first selection in the national indoor netball team that made me change my attitude towards health and fitness. I knew that if I wanted something badly enough I would have to work hard for it. So I took the approach, not only dedicating my time to getting fit, but understanding everything there was to know about the why, how, and what, when it came to food and exercise. I figured that if I knew why I do a particular exercise or how it benefits me, I would then want to do it more, and it worked. I also applied the same learning  in understanding what food to eat and, just as importantly, when to eat.


So I now want to help everyone be better than yesterday with their own health and fitness through education, support, motivation and training. And have some fun along the way.


Ask me how active I am, I will tell you. But want to know how much energy I have, well that you have to see for yourself, as I have enough energy for you and me for every day of the week. Just come and see ...



Cert III Fitness                                    

Cert IV Fitness                             

Diploma Master Trainer Level 1

Senior First Aid - including CPR and Defib                         

Blue Card                                                  

Suspension Training

KettleBell Levels 1 & 2

Punchfit Trainer Level 1

Power Bag Fundamentals

Battle Rope Fundamentals

Olivia - Yoga Instructor

My training direction is a union of having fun and working hard.. Blending passion & playfulness into practice. I bring compassion to my clients - to be safe, mindful of your body and its limits. Practice with patience and persistence and your yoga will bloom with grace and precision. I help clients achieve their goals in a relatable way that allows the practice of yoga and wellbeing to adapt to their life long term with long standing benefits. Reminding people the importance of slowing down within this ever growing fast paced society.


Hope to see you on the mat soon.


Namaste 🙏🏻 


500hr Yoga Teacher Training

Pre & Post Natal Yoga Instructor

Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing Meditation & Mindfulness

CPR & First Aid

Yoga Alliance Certified



Advanced Breathing Techniques

Vinyasa Yoga Sequencing

Hands on Adjusting Advanced

Hands on Alignment & Adjusting

Creative & Advanced Yoga sequencing

Hand Balancing

Menstrual Cycle Awareness 


hayley profile 2.jpg

Hayley Clews - Class Instructor/Functional Trainer

I love staying fit and healthy as  it keeps me motivated to do other activities in my life. 

I originally gained my cert 3 in fitness in high school and since graduating I have loved learning more and more because there is so much to offer people in ways of exercising outside the 'norm'.

Running the circuit classes and now kids box fit classes here at Conquer, it has allowed me to continue learning and then delivering great strength style interval workouts.


Prior to my recent unfortunate ACL  knee injury I was playing netball and also enjoying obstacle racing. Currently in rehab for my surgery, I am excited to get back to the sports and what the competitions offer. 

Hope to see you at a class or 2 at Conquer so I can help you become stronger and better in your fitness. 


Cert III Fitness                                    

Senior First Aid - including CPR and Defib                         

Blue Card                                                  

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