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Pauline - Owner & Master Functional Trainer

I have been involved in sport since I could walk. Ball sports were my passion, mainly being basketball and netball, but I also competed in tennis, calisthenics, athletics, cross country and swimming, just to name a few.


From 2005 -2016 I not only had the privilege of representing  my state but also my country in indoor netball. I also captained the 2014 Open Ladies World Cup side to 2 Gold Medals  in South Africa. I continue to play at club representative level within the QLD circuit.


One of my other great passions is obstacle course racing. Something about running miles on end, whilst climbing walls, swimming in creeks, crawling under barb wire and dredging through mud, makes me smile.

In 2018 I was proud to have been on the podium several times for my age category Nationally, as well as finishing 2nd overall in the Spartan National Series. I also won Bronze at the APAC Championships in Malaysia representing my country. As well as completing in the Spartan World Championships in the US. Winning bronze at the 24hour Enduro World Championships will always be a highlight in this sport in both 2018 and 2019.

I was also captain of my 3 person team in the 2018 inaugural AUSTRALIAN SPARTAN Series on Channel 7,missing out on the finals by 1 place.


It was prior to my first selection in a national indoor netball team that made me change my attitude to health and fitness. I knew that if I wanted something badly enough, I would have to work hard for it. So I took the approach not only dedicating my time to getting fit, but understanding everything there was to know about the why, how and what with regard to food and exercise. I figured that if I knew why I do a particular exercise or how it benefits me, I would then want to do it more, and it worked. I also applied the same learning  in understanding what food to eat and, just as importantly, when to eat.


So I now want to help everyone be better than yesterday with their own health and fitness through education, support, motivation and training. And have some fun along the way.


Ask me how active I am, I will tell you. But want to know how much energy I have, well that you have to see for yourself, as I have enough energy for you and me for every day of the week. Just come and see ...



Cert III Fitness                                    

Cert IV Fitness                             

Diploma Master Trainer Level 1

Senior First Aid - including CPR and Defib                         

Blue Card                                                  

Suspension Training

KettleBell Levels 1 & 2

Punchfit Trainer Level 1

Power Bag Fundamentals

Battle Rope Fundamentals


Amanda - Konga Instructor

Group fitness has always been a passion of mine. I have always loved giving new classes a go – you never know what you might be missing out on otherwise!

My fundamental belief in relation to fitness is that if it is something you enjoy and it makes you feel good, you will be more likely to make it a part of your routine and stick to it.

I am a mum to two primary school age boys and when it was time for me to renter the workforce, I decided to follow my passion and pursue a career in the fitness industry. When I tried a Konga class for the first time, I was stunned. It was unlike any other group class I had ever done. It is a simple to follow fusion of dance, boxing, cardio and sculpting to a wide variety of great music.

I was enjoying participating in the KONGA classes so much that I decided to gain my own qualifications a couple of years ago so I could enjoy delivering the amazing format to people and I still absolutely love doing it today.

While my fitness career has started with Konga, this is not where it ends. I have also attained my Certificate 3 in Fitness which enables me to instruct a variety of other classes also.

I hope to meet you soon at Conquer soon!

Chrissie - Yin Yoga Instructor


  I started Yoga in 2013 in a hot yoga studio in Toowong and immediately loved it. At first for me it was all about the postures. Slowly I learned more about the breath and how great yoga is for any  kind of stress/ anxiety! 

I had some great teachers that led me to do my teacher training with My Health Yoga in 2016. 


I loved what yoga had done for me in my life and wanted to share it.

It has made me learn to slow down & embrace life & to nourish your body. After years of Power Yoga I am now obsessed with Yin Yoga after doing another 20hours of training this year.  

Yoga is never about the postures and always how you feel in the postures. Once we accept this, we realise Yoga is for Every Body! 

I still every month do a 2 hour workshop as a student as I can't get enough!

Taking that time out for yourself does amazing things and seeing the changes in my students is so rewarding.  

Hope to see you in class!