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***** Google review

Pauline has created a fantastic environment where you always feel welcome. This in turn attracts the amazing crew that becomes family. When I started I couldn’t run, jump or do much at all. Now I’m doing 10km fun runs and Raw Challenges and feeling bloody amazing. The weight loss is great but the biggest positive has been my improved mental health. Being a part of the Conquer Fitness Crew has been a massive positive in my life. Now to get to 500 classes.. Jane (Jan 2022)

******* Google Review Dec 2022

Pauline is an amazing trainer! I have been attending Conquer for just over 12 months now. I suffer from really bad gym anxiety. From my very first class Pauline and all crew members welcomed me, made me comfortable and at ease straight away and I have not looked back! Everyone is so very encouraging and supportive. Pauline caters for all fitness and ability levels. Pauline will be the trainer you want her to be, she will respect you if you don't like the screaming in your face type trainer, or if that's what motivates you then she can be that trainer for you. Pauline takes the time to know each and everyone of her crew members, something you just don't see in the big chain gyms. There is also not a mirror in sight (besides the bathroom). Pauline watches and coaches all members in attendances to correct techniques. Conquer is so much more than just a gym!

Kirsty Schultz 2022

***** Google Review

I known Pauline since 2016, as my daughters always trained with her. Last year my eldest had an injury at the beginning of the year and I said to her I would go back and train with her once she recovered. Join the gym in Oct/22 and participate on a 6 weeks challenge, which has change my eating and exercising habits. I feel lighter and healthier. Bring 2023 (Rodrigo 2023)
Thanks to Pauline

***** Google review

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

Conquer Fitness Solutions is easily the best gym I've ever been a member of. Pauline is amazing at what she does, her classes are always fun, different and challenging. She always pushes me to better myself. I've got a heart condition and a dodgy knee and its never too much trouble for Pauline to adjust any exercise to suit my needs. In my time with P and Conquer I've dropped about 30kgs and my fitness levels are through the roof. If you want an adaptable, friendly and judgment free place to work out then Conquer is the place for you. Emma (Jan 2022)

Conquer Fitness is not just a gym it’s a family. I started with Pauline a few short months ago and I can honestly say that I am the happiest and strongest I have been in my life. The crew are so welcoming and are always smiling. Great workouts that will keep you wanting to come back. Could not recommend this awesome place more. Amanda 2022

*****Google Review

In a perfect world, the hardest part of going to the gym would be your workout — not walking through the doors. However, if thoughts of navigating the equipment, being watched or judged, or even feeling welcome due to age, gender or health you’re not alone.

That’s what sets Conquer Fitness solutions apart from the rest, a caring, compassionate, understanding, expertly trained and available trainer (Pauline and her team) for all session’s, an environment like no other I have felt in my many years going to various gyms. You feel welcomed from the first minute you get there, people care, friendly, supportive, provide you space as you need it but above all are judgement free.

Pauline and team can provide programs for everyone from those who just need to get back to a healthy routine or for those setting some personal benchmarks they want to achieve.

Give Conquer a go you won’t regret it.

(Marcus 2023)


*****Google Review

Conquer Fitness Solutions has become my happy place. Pauline the owner and master trainer is just so good at bringng out the best in everyone. She pushes you as much as she can without breaking you, she has created a fun, inclusive environment where people of all fitness levels, all ages and all abilities can thrive. I've been going to her gym for over 5 years and have never been bored with the classes. Honestly joining this fit family was the best decision I ever made. (Emma 2023)

***** Google Review

I am in to my 4th year coming to Conquer Fitness Solutions. Pauline has fostered a welcoming, fun and family environment. So much so that I travel 40 minutes to workout with her and the awesome crew. It is an inclusive environment where everyone is made to feel welcome. With a variety of classes there is no chance you will ever get bored. This is the place that will convince you to get off the fence. I can’t express enough how much being part of this community has changed my life. Do yourself a favour. (Jane)

***** Google Review (Jan 2023)

This is a fantastic place to join if you are struggling to get motivated with fitness, already fit but needing to be challenged or wanting to have your fitness pushed to the max.
I personally think it’s the best place to go for anyone nervous of going to gyms or feeling really unfit and struggling to find motivation. This is because it is a gym for anyone and everyone regardless of you age, level of fitness and experience at gyms so you will not feel intimidated but be welcomed and be so glad you gave it a crack.
Pauline is passionate to share her love of health and fitness and her energy is all about encouraging you to do what you can, get you to do more than you think you can, become more confident and feel better in your own health and fitness. It is a totally fun and friendly environment, everyone who goes will tell you this. Every person at the gym encourages each other, is really friendly, no bad judgements ever and we will pick you up when you are struggling/having a day where just turning up to class was the best you could manage.
There’s a great range of classes to choose from as well as PT and introduction to the types of challenges in Obstacle Races.
There’s nothing to lose by coming to a class and giving it a go. You won’t regret it 👍🏻

Conquer fitness solutions is so much more than a gym! I have been going to this gym for around 7 years and absolutely love going to classes with my conquer fit fam!

every time you go to class you are inspired by Pauline and all of the crew around you to be the absolute best version of yourself!

This year I have noticed a massive improvement in my overall health and fitness and 99% of that is because of Pauline and the motivation she gives me (and all of her crew) every week! (Emily 2023)

"Best thing I've done for myself in years! After my 3rd baby I felt so weak and tired all the time. After 2 months with Pauline I'm so much stronger and leaner and loving the muscle tone! Can't wait to continue and see my future results!" Holly (December 2017)

***** Google review

I’ve been going to this gym for over 3 years now and it truly is one of a kind. You make friends with everyone who goes and everyone is so lovely and encouraging it really is like one big family. Pauline the owner is an incredible trainer who puts her entire being into improving the lives of those she trains, focussed on not only inspiring us to be active and go to the gym but also encourages us to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle in all aspects of our lives.
Another incredible aspect of this gym is that it really is open to all ages and all abilities which I think is incredible. While other gyms I’ve seen have a “target audience” such as young and fit, older, female, runners etc Conquer Fitness welcomes everyone- I’ve been to group classes where some in the group were aged around 12, others in their 60s, some were overcoming injuries and some were incredibly fit and at their peak performance and every age and ability in between and Pauline seamlessly adjusts the workout so everyone has an amazing session and it makes for such a fun and encouraging environment ❤️

Couldn’t recommend this gym more 🤗 Nikita (Jan 2022)

***** Google review

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

I started with Conquer after years of on and off exercising with the hope to get my health back on track since having my babies. With the guidance of Pauline, the enthusiasm of the other members and being held accountable with the 28 Day Challenge, I’ve managed to lose 12 kilos in 4 months. I feel fitter, healthier and actually motivated! I have a back injury which rarely plays up with the exercises Pauline’s prescribes. And if I’m having a bad day where my back is aching, Pauline is always happy to modify the movement. Looking forward to 2021 to smash more goals with the Conquer Crew 💪 Rebecca (May 2021)

"You are an amazing motivator, wellness and fitness coach.

I am so grateful that I’m on this challenge because it’s the best thing I’ve come across and your format on all fronts makes it easy to stick with. The classes and people are the best you could want for joining at any level and be able to get active and stick with it.

So grateful for what you have done with Imogen too. Her confidence as well as her strength have grown. Thanks for being a positive mentor and influence on her mind.

Have a great day and just want you to know how much you are appreciated by all xx" Julie (Sept 2020)

"Best Strength and Conditioning Coach ever. Big part of the Queensland u23 Mixed Netball Teams Success winning 2 National Titles in 2017. Looking forward to working with Pauline again in 2018." Mohnte (Sept 2017)

"Pauline is an amazing trainer. I have an injury and had hit rock bottom and started going to her PT Studio. If it wasn't for her guidance and persuasion I wouldn't be where I am today both mentally and physically fit.
Because of her my partner and daughter attend classes as a family unit and definitely see results in both of them.
Pauline is a great mentor to not only me and my family but to everyone that comes to her studio." Michael (Ju
ly 2017)

"Pauline is the only trainer who has made me complete a 12 week challenge and i keep coming back. From being totally unfit /couch potato....she has got me planking..running...boxing. Come and join a great group of people being motivated and encouraged!!!!" Joanne (Dec 2016)

Loved the obstacle boot camp today to test my technique, grip and cardio strength. Helped me gauge my level and that I’m on the right track. Will do monthly as a progress marker on my other training . Pauline is awesome! (Sharon 2020)

Pauline is the best strength and conditioning coach who has tailored special programs for my girls. My kids love her and love going to training (Kylie 2018)

100 stars If you’ve been debating joining a gym or want some more guidance with PT or group classes I could not recommend conquer enough

I’ve been going to the group classes at conquer fitness for over 4 years now and honestly cannot imagine ever going to just a “normal” gym instead. Conquer is so special because the owner and trainer Pauline truly puts her heart and soul into her business and cares about every single person who attends her gym. Conquer is welcoming to absolutely everyone no matter your age, abilities or experience, everyone who attends is so so lovely, and Pauline will help you reach whatever your own personal goals are. There is also a huge range of different classes offered so there is definitely something for everyone (Nikita 2023)

"A supportive, inspiring place to workout - Tough sessions, always different and "FUN" 😳 I have met the most amazing group of people and I really don't want to go anywhere else ..LOVE CONQUER FITNESS!! Smashing my goals with Pauline for 2017 .. C'mon you know you want to " Rochelle (Jan 2017)

"Pauline is awesome! Certainly knows her stuff, great facilities, great clientele, great atmosphere, great location, great timetable.
I'm really enjoying watching/feeling my own results as well as everyone else..." Anthony (Jan 2017)

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