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What's the absolute best thing to drink for weight loss?!

We all want to know what that number one thing is to help us shed those kilos don't we?

With so much advertising out there for particular drinks to help increase your metabolism or heart rate therefore increase you weight loss, we tend to get confused or sceptical about what to drink to help us lose those inches. Plus think about all the money spent on these different drinks with confusing messaging and mixed results

Well I'm here to tell you that this particular drink is the absolute best thing out there, but before I tell you what it is, I will tell you why it is so good for not only weight loss but for many other amazing things.

This particular drink will assist in:

1. Weight loss

2. Improving your complexion

3. Improving your sleep

4. Improving your energy levels

5. Flushing toxins from you body

6. Boosting your immune system

7. Relieving headaches

8. Improving digestion and relieving constipation

9. Improving your performance

and it will...

10. Will save you money!

If you haven't worked out what this drink is... well it is Mother Natures natural form of liquid.....


Water, or the Almighty H2O as I like to say, has so many powerful benefits to our mind, body and health that we don't realise.

Yes, you probably all know that we need water to survive, and that it hydrates us etc etc etc. BUT did you know why?

Water is needed to lubricate (therefore stimulate) the cells in our body. And every single muscle and organ is made up of cells. So whether it be your skin (which is the largest organ in our body) or our Brain, or the muscle in our little finger, without water our body wouldn't be able to function properly therefore in turn, reduce performance, or at worst shut down.

So on the flip side to that, when your cells, therefore your muscles and organs, are fully lubricated and functioning on all cylinders, all 11 Internal Systems (yes would you believe we have 11 different systems that all play an important role of survival), are performing at their best. Then of course with a healthy and active lifestyle your body can become amazing fat burning, improved performance, younger looking machine!

If you struggle to drink water without some flavour, try adding in:

* Slices of lemon

* Slices of cucumber

* Mint leaves

These 3 ingredients are known to have diuretic qualities to them, so will give that extra boost to your digestive system, plus adds some flavour to your drink without the risk of chemical, processed sugar, and heaps of calories

Or another mix could be:

* A few strawberries (or rasberries or blueberries)

* Slices of Orange or lime

What's the recommended amount of water to drink each day?

This is something that can vary depending on your weight, your activity level and the temperature you may live in.

But on average we should look to drink 2-3 litres of water per day, then increase this by 1 litre for every hour of exercise (moderate-high) you may do throughout the day.

Need a tip to help you drink the minimum amount of water each day?

Set an alarm on your phone for every hour (during your day, not sleeping haha). Every time that alarm goes off, have a glass of water. Do this for a week or so until you find yourself automatically grabbing your water bottle, glass, jug or bucket :)

So put away the energy drinks full of chemicals. Put away the coffee full of stimulants. Put away the caffeinated soft drinks full of sugar (or artificial sweetener when labelling 'sugar free'). And turn your tap on, fill a glass of Natures gift and start feeling amazing!

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