Should I exercise when I'm sick?

There is nothing worse, than having good momentum with your fitness journey, whether it be that you are enjoying the classes, seeing some results and improving with each and every day, and feeling great then, BAM, you struck down with an illness, commonly being the cold or flu. And so the age old question continues to this day, of wondering if we should exercise when we are sick or not. Will it make us better? Will it make us worse? Will it affect my performance? Should I just push through? Let's be honest, if there still isn't even a cure for the common cold, then exercise isn't going to cure you, so we can put the question of 'will it make me better' to rest. But wouldn't it be great if

Why it's important to stay active during Winter

Let's face it, most of us start to lose our motivation to exercise when the temperature starts to drop. As the mornings stay darker longer and the air gets colder it's gets harder and harder to drag ourselves out of bed to not just start the day, but to get active and exercise. And if you don't exercise in the morning, and usually wait until the afternoon or night, well it can be just as difficult as its already dark by the time you finish work, and when you get home all you want is a hot soup or meal and your PJ's and slippers. There are so many benefits to staying active in Winter: 1. EXERCISING KEEPS YOU WARM - Ever thought that the moment you are up and out of bed and moving you are warm

Why Foam Roll?

It's becoming a more common sight these days, whether it be an athlete before they compete or gym goers before or after they workout. The fact is, you can't be in the fitness environment without seeing someone rolling on this particular piece of foam. It is actually a very important part of any workout, but can also be missed by most of us, as we think it is more time added to our already tight schedule, or more commonly, we are unsure of the benefits. Are you one of those people who think ' what is it doing?' 'How does it work?' 'Why do it?' Well you are not alone. With a little bit of education you may find yourself doing more and more foam rolling as it has some great benefits to your bo

Want a delicious kick start to your day?

Try this delicious Smoothie Bowl... Blend together: 1/2 banana 1/4 avocado 1 scoop of protein powder handful of spinach 1/2 cup of coconut water Pour into a bowl. Top with your favourite (healthy) muesli Enjoy :)

Can I spot reduce?

The truth is, there is no such thing as spot reducing. You can't just burn fat in one area, like your butt or your stomach. So thinking that if you did 1000 crunches per day will give you a that flatter stomach or much wished for six pack unfortunately is a myth. Actually, completing 1000 crunches per day may actually lead to other issues (especially if not doing the crunches correctly, or combining with other abdominal muscle exercises). The way to decrease the fat around your stomach or butt or whatever body part you are looking for is to decrease body fat overall. So now you are asking what's the best way to burn body fat? Well a combination of: High Intensity workouts - increasing your h

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