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Small Group Fitness

This class focuses on a variety of exercises incorporating strength and cardio utilising either body weight or equipment that supports functional training. You work at each 'station' for a period of time with a short rest before moving on to the next station.



This class focuses on the correct technique of the 6 common boxing punches, along with some footwork and body work, and how to utilise these to produce power, strength, fat loss, and overall fitness. You will gain overall strength and aerobic fitness through these sessions without having to do anything else except box, however generally most classes incorporate other exercises/movements besides boxing.


Tabata/High Intensity (HIIT)

This class is about putting your maximum energy into an exercise for a very short period of time with short rest periods. These exercises can be based around strength or cardio, however no matter what exercise it is, your fitness level and fat burning level will increase significantly throughout these sessions and even afterwards


Challenge Day

This is the day where you get to challenge yourself . Every week will always be a surprise to what you have to complete, and no matter what your fitness level you will always have the support, motivation and assistance from your trainer to help you complete it and give you that sense of accomplishment. The challenge could be individual based or team based, but regardless you will have the opportunity to be better than yesterday, and challenge yourself.


A dance style aerobics class that incorporates boxing, cardio, toning, sculpting and of course dance! A full  hour class that gets your heart pumping, your body shaking and many laugh. Don't think it will be easy, as you will be sweating by the end, but you will have fun whilst doing it.


Combination of Strength and stretching utilising Hatha and Vinyasa flow. Any level of fitness is welcome

RUN/JOG/WALK - recommences in September 2021 (Tuesday mornings 5.30am)

This class is designed to get you outside and moving. You don't have to be a great runner to attend this class. You will learn some techniques to improve your running style to make your more efficient and also increase your speed. Maybe you just want to be able to run 1klm non stop, maybe you want to improve your 10klm run pace. Either way, you will get some great benefits from this class. * Note - this session is held outdoors, not a the gym facilities. Contact us for more details.


A big calorie burner! non stop class, only break when you need to. Mixture of strength, and cardio, but either way, you feel your lungs and muscles burn. Can you complete the workout in time and with breath left? Lets see.


Once a month this 2 hour session incorporates a lot of the obstacles you come across in the Spartan (and other) Obstacle course races. The format is similar to that of a race where you will be running then completing obstacles or tasks. This session is not on the regular timetable as it is only delivered once a month on a Saturday. Contact us for dates if you haven't seen them on our Facebook page.