Attention keen Obstacle Racers!

Want to nail that Olympus from Spartan?

The Olympus was my biggest bug bear in the Spartan races as I had only about a 30% success rate.

Well since I built one in my gym I’ve been nailing it every time!

So I want to help others succeed, to give them 30 less burpees in their next Spartan race!

Or if you are just keen for a different workout involviing obstacles, strength and cardio exercises (on all the fun equipment) then come join us!

 The next session is being run Saturday 18t September 8.30am - 10.30am

For all other monthly dates, please see below

The 2 hour obstacle workout/circuit includes:
Z Wall
Monkey Bars

Hurcules Hoist
Extra long rope climb
Farmers carry
Tyre Flips, pulls and drags
Torsion bars
Spear throw

Balance Beams

Bucket Carry

a small about of running

All for only $20

Spaces are limited, so to book your spot message us ASAP!

To book your sport, or if you just need to contact us, call us on the number below or send an email and we will be in contact soon.

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